Site Credits

Abundant thanks to…


Photos of Lisa thanks and full credit to Ruth Ganev of Ruth Ganev Photography. See how Ruth works her photography magic.

Website Concept Design

Along with countless hours of advice and encouragement, original website concept design is thanks to my forever design colleague and friend, the incomparable Sandie Collette of S. Collette Design. Designer Sandie is also the creative genius behind virtually every successful fundraising pack and campaign you’ll find on this website… hence the reason we’ve worked as a team for 15+ years. (Contact Sandie through me.)

Website Development and Post-Concept Guidance

Web designer and developer Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design is the reason I don’t have to make excuses for my “dinosaur website” anymore. She took Sandie’s concept, made it work, made it WordPress, and made it responsive – plus built the pages I needed to add and added some design genius of her own. Whether you need concept-to-launch help or you have an initial concept, I recommend Jill, hands down. (And for the record, I don’t get a commission for saying this: Jill’s WordPress development speaks for itself, so give her a visit.