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March 2010
Published by Lisa Sargent

Welcome, nonprofit professionals --

Talk about loyalty: direct mail monthly giving programs can yield multi-year donor retention rates of nearly ninety percent!
And there are few in the nonprofit industry who know monthly giving better than Jo Sullivan and Ken Burnett.

I caught up with both of them this month to bring you proven, practical advice on sustainer programs in the US and the UK.

Also this month, I break format.

Due to the detailed information that Jo and Ken so generously provided -- and to keep this e-news from reaching manifesto length -- introductions to each interview are below, followed by a link to the full-page articles (still here, on my website).

Hope you like them.

Hugs and thank-yous to Jo and Ken.
And thanks to you, too, for reading.

Lisa Sargent
Sargent Communications

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Monthly Giving Exclusive:
Secrets of Winning Sustainer Programs, with Jo Sullivan

She helped the ASPCA grow revenues five hundred percent ... and increased ranks of monthly donors by 132,000. Here, Jo Sullivan’s exclusive advice on monthly giving and sustainer programs.

If you've read Hidden Gold, Harvey McKinnon's oft-quoted primer on monthly giving, then you already know sustainer programs offer a number of (huge) advantages to nonprofits.

These automatic payment programs can: increase your fundraising revenues ... increase donor retention ... provide you with steadier cash flows ... decrease your fundraising costs, and strengthen relationships with donors.

And for recent, in-the-trenches advice on building a successful sustainer program in the US -- or improving an existing one -- you can't get better than Jo Sullivan.

During her ten years with the ASPCA, Sullivan helped grow that animal welfare organization's ranks of monthly donors from 8,000 in 1999 to an eye-popping 140,000 in 2009. (She's since joined CDR Fundraising Group as Managing Director.)

Here, she shares detailed insights on sustainer programs you won't find anywhere else.

Thank you, Jo, so very much! Take it away...

Please click here to go directly to the
full-length interview with Jo Sullivan

More on Monthly Giving:
Ken Burnett’s UK Perspective, Plus Essential Resources

In the late 70s and early 80s, Ken Burnett helped transform tiny ActionAid into a top 20 national fundraiser in the UK. Their secret weapon? A tightly focused monthly giving proposition ...

When talking about the benefits of monthly giving programs, famous fundraising expert Ken Burnett said this:

"Unless you can get a job as CEO of a failed bank, there's probably no surer way to reliably secure large sums of money at regular intervals,
for your cause."

So what I wanted to know then, was why monthly giving programs seemed to be so much more established in the UK than in the US.

He reveals the reason, plus lots more, in this interview.

And, as founder of the too-good-to-be-free (but it is) website SOFII, Ken also sent links to samples of sustainer appeals that I can share with you ... they're yours, free, for the clicking.

Please click here for Ken's interview,
links to SOFII's monthly giving samples,
and other resources

Note: A Happy SOFII Coincidence:
In Jo Sullivan's interview, she recommends SOFII, saying "I love SOFII as an online option for package options and results. It has a great cross section of monthly and one time programs and great learning!"

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Why do donors do what they do? Can you nudge them in the right direction?

Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein say YES. The science of “choice architecture” in Nudge.

And for books by Ken Burnett (Article Two’s monthly giving interviewee) ... be sure to visit White Lion Press.


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