The Direct Mail Pack That Gratitude Built


Trocaire Gratitude Pack sample

Irish charity Trócaire is a steadfast force for global good and a champion of justice and equality.  Because both the organization and many of its supporters have faith-based roots, Trócaire takes a step back from active fundraising during one month of the year, Missions Month in October. The nonprofit, though, really wanted a way to connect with its donors that honored its agreement and showed supporters how integral they were to the mission, vision, and worldwide work. So together with their stellar fundraising team, Designer Sandie and I created a direct mail pack now affectionately called The Gratitude Pack. Comprised of an outer envelope, an oversized card that is an uplift piece we like to refer to as “mantle-worthy,” a reply envelope, and an emotive bounceback that changes each year, inviting donors to share a story or a message – but never makes a direct ask for a gift. Despite the tiptoe soft approach, year after year the Gratitude Pack’s results have been a lesson in the love of humankind and the generosity of the human heart: in 2022, for example, scores of supporters shared treasured memories of stories that inspired them to give – and despite the complete lack of a direct ask or giving form, more than twelve hundred tucked in donations, raising over €125,000 (approx. $136,400).