A Supporter Newsletter Pack Purpose-Built to Acknowledge Love, Generosity, and Longevity in Giving


Your Love Action Newsletter sample

This supporter newsletter set an all-time fundraising record for Irish humanitarian charity Trócaire – including a 67% increase in response rate for donors who received a special 25-year giving badge to honour their connection to the feature story on 25th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, and the support and healing they helped make possible all through the 25 years in between. The newsletters are part of an ongoing and overall effort we’ve been part of at Trócaire to tell emotive stories that are firmly connected to donor’s aspirational identities (such as compassion, caring, and love), while also portraying beneficiaries with respect, dignity, truth, and courage. Donors have responded to the shift: this newsletter achieved a 6.2% response rate (RR) overall, where previous RRs hovered around 4%.

(The in-depth story of the giving longevity badges is featured in Thankology.)