A Legacy Ad and Planner That Took a Risk…And More Than Tripled Results


Trocaire Legacy Pack sample

“Take a bow,” the email began. “We’ve had over three times as many legacy info requests in the space of 3+ months than we would sometimes have in a full year. Huge thanks to both of you for hitting the nail on the head, listening to my ramblings, and for your instinctive understanding of what we needed.” This lovely message from Irish humanitarian organization Trócaire’s legacy officer was just the start of what has become a steady flow of requests from supporters on how to include the charity in their will. It all began when we were asked to overhaul Trócaire’s existing legacy planner and newspaper advertisements promoting gifts by will – and subsequently turned the usual formula on its head. Overwhelmingly, advice in the nonprofit sector has revolved around sharing a story of a past legacy giver to offer social proof and encourage more gifts by will. And it was an approach Trócaire had been using for years. But their legacy officer wanted to test something different, so we suggested coming at it directly from the donor’s perspective, with the notion of being remembered long after you’re gone. The result was a simple ad with copy and imagery that evoked the brain-activating emotions of nostalgia and awe, intentionally written and designed to hearken back to the iconic works in David Ogilvy’s Ogilvy on Advertising. Four years later, the ad/planner combination continues to perform, proving well-informed risks can be well worth taking.