A Donor Newsletter That Does Double-Duty

St. Helena Hospital Foundation

Donor Newsletter sample

Too often, hospital foundations run the risk of breaking the “rules” of good supporter newsletters: photos of people holding those giant donation checks, large articles on the latest golf tournament or gala… not the news we know supporters respond and give to. But St. Helena Hospital Foundation wanted to rise above, focusing on grateful patient stories, lifesaving technology, and more. And as a small hospital in a Napa Valley community of just 6,000, St. Helena Hospital punches way above its weight: recognized by U.S. News & World Report, eight Five-Star Awards for outstanding performance, rankings in the top 1% for some surgeries, and more. Still, the Foundation’s newsletter had to do double-duty – could we tell all the right stories, and at the same time feature some events, spotlight specialists to help build business, and incorporate a direct ask in every newsletter? The answer was yes, in the form of a hybrid newsletter that generates a solid response. It’s also worth noting that additional issues are distributed across the hospital network and clear the shelves in days – and parts of this cardiac-focused issue were expanded and upcycled as a fulfillment piece.