A Channel-Crossing Fundraising Appeal That Broke Every Record


Threat of Famine Multi-Channel sample

The human catastrophe stopped us in our tracks. Driven by climate change, the worst drought in Somalia’s history left people there – and across other parts of East Africa – facing a hunger crisis that teetered on the edge of famine. We knew Trócaire supporters would want to help, and knew the organization was in a unique position to help: thanks to local partners and the generosity of donors, for years Trócaire have run the only health centres in the Gedo region of the country, providing everything from lifesaving support for new mothers and babies to urgent therapies for acute malnutrition. The goal was to get the story out across every channel possible, from social media, to digital, to direct mail fundraising. Because photos posed a problem, we decided to let the situation and the text itself take center stage in the fundraising appeal, and added a simple but urgent insert that made use of available images respecting beneficiaries’ privacy, agency, dignity, and resilience. The result was a compelling, emotional, multi-channel campaign that became the organization’s best-ever off-season fundraising appeal, three years running, with the 2022 direct mail appeal raising over €473,000 (over $500,000) at a 7.5% response rate. And in the first weeks alone, supporters provided more than 6,000 cases of lifesaving nutritional supplements that helped children recover from near-starvation.